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How did we get started? Let me Explain


I was going to buy a hair salon in San Diego, CA in December of 2019. I came across Key Person Insurance. I was amazed at the possibilities it offered to business owners. I was still in the process of looking over the Assets and Balances sheets for the salon but I kept the information I learned in the back of my mind for a later date. A month later, I determined that the salon purchase was too risky and I backed out. Remembering how intrigued I was about Key Person insurance I turned to my friend Google and quickly found out how multifaceted an Index Universal Life Insurance policy is. I got licensed and started working under another company's umbrella.


Going Viral on TikTok


I wanted to tell everyone what I was learning, but wasn't sure of the best approach. Then I opened TikTok. People from all over the world wanted to speak with me about the benefits of life insurance. I am told that I make life insurance interesting and understandable and that I seem to really care.


After a few weeks I knew I wasn't going to be able to give everyone my full attention and continue to utilize TikTok to provide valuable information.

Bringing in Reinforcements


I needed a team. However, the company I was associated with did not see the IUL's power the way I did. I did not want anyone to be told misinformation or to be set up in the wrong type of policy. The only person I was confident in was Shaunelle Roeber. Shaunelle and I worked independently of each other but collaborated often. It was easy to see that Shaunelle could be trusted to take care of clients. She had gone to school for Business and had a desire to help people become financially independent.


Shaunelle's big dreams of changing lives everywhere coincide with my dreams to change the industry. We knew that by teaming up we could accomplish more than anyone could imagine. 


We are more Unique than we planned!


We took a huge risk. We left the company we were at and started Power 3 Financial. We created new processes and initiated a training protocol to ensure that every person was taken care of in the best way possible. No more rogue agents. We have honed our craft and do not just plug numbers into a spreadsheet. 

We collaborate. We have standards. We care. 


Thanks for being a part of our story. 


We look forward to working with you, your family and your business.  


About Us

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