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Power 3 Financial

We are a women-founded group of life insurance agents, dedicated to providing proper policy design
at the highest level.


Since the very beginning, Power 3 Financial has made it their mission to provide honest and transparent information about the policies they design. This is why they have maintained an impeccable track record of serving their 500+ clients across the country. While many agents are designing policies to sell more death benefit, Power 3 Financial continues to provide expert solutions to maximize our clients' financial growth.

Less money in our pockets, means more money in yours.

About P3F:

Power 3 Financial began almost by accident. When looking for business insurance, our Founder stumbled across cash-value life insurance and couldn't believe what she was finding.

Not only could insurance protect from loss, it can also be used for wealth accumulation, asset leverage, tax-free retirement, and much more - all while the insured is living.

So we're here to spread the word and help people take advantage of the amazing benefits that insurance products have to offer.  

P3F is supportive of all denominations of people as well as the LGBTQIA+ community
Power 3 Financial focuses on empathy, strength, and guidance while focusing on inclusivity, respect, and tolerance for our clients unique perspectives.

Who we are

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