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BEST Company For Getting An IUL!?

 Everybody wants to know what's the best company to purchase an index universal life insurance policy from, and I'm gonna say it again:

You guys, there is not a best company to get a life insurance policy from. There is not a best product, because even the best company with the best product could be in the hands of the wrong agent.

If they press one button incorrectly or they're even a tiny bit greedy, they're not gonna set that policy up with your best interest in mind, you can reach out to me and my team.

I have started a life insurance agency that stands for Empathy, Strength, and Guidance on purpose, because that is what this industry is lacking and is my goal to turn this industry into something completely different.

It's actually against compliance for us to include the names of the carriers we work with on social media. It would be nearly impossible for them to monitor how their company is being represented. It's not that we're not being forthcoming.

I'm sorry that I don't have a list of companies that I can refer you to, but what I CAN do is get you working with the right agent who I know has your best interest in mind. That company is called Power Three Financial.

Power 3 Financial is not giving financial advice. We are not licensed financial advisors – our licenses are strictly in insurance-based solutions. The information we share is specific to the products that we work with and therefor cannot guaranteed that other agents outside of Power 3 Financial will have access to the products that we talk about.

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