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The "You're An Asset" Podcast: Hello and Welcome!

Hello, and welcome to the You're An Asset Podcast. I'm your host, Casey The Dollar, and on this podcast we're gonna find out who's an asset in the financial industry and who is just an ass.

Hi everybody. I'm Casey the Dollar . I'm the CEO of Power 3 Financial. We're a group of specialized insurance agents. We specialize in cash value life insurance. We have been open for almost two years, and we have around 500 clients. I personally have over a hundred thousand followers on TikTok, where I use my platform to talk about the proper structure of an IUL and what to look out for and how they work and I break them. Which has led me to get on a podcast so that I can give out more information and get into more detail.

None of us here at Power 3 Financial or the You’re An Asset podcast seem to have enough time to get all of the information out that we want to – so here we are. Now in the last two years, I've made myself into quite the IUL spokesperson on TikTok. And just for a refresh, an IUL is an indexed universal life insurance policy, and it's one of the main things that I talk about on social media.

I've made myself into this spokeswoman who calls out agents who post misleading content, who talk about poorly designed policies, who don't give clear information, who make it seem easier than it is. And a lot of people have come towards me and towards Power 3 Financial because of that – because they're looking for someone who is giving out transparent, factual, honest information about these products because it's hard to find. Now, considering I'm in the finance world, I'm in the insurance space, I'm talking about these products online, I am putting everything that I have into this industry, but it is not where my background is.

So my background personally, I have my bachelor's degree in psychology. I worked at domestic violence shelters, I was a behavioral technician, I worked with kids with autism, and I've done a lot of helping and customer service. Being that my entire career is based on helping people, when I heard about the IUL I, at first, had the same reaction as most people that uh, yeah…okay. . It does all these things you say it does. Sure… And then I started doing my own research. I started reading books. I started watching YouTube. I started talking to other people in the industry, eventually got licensed and here we are.

I had learned about it and I ran with it. I couldn't believe that some guy stopped me, talked to me about cash value life insurance policies, and now here I am today as an insurance strategist that focuses on these types of policies. But that's just absolutely not where I came from or where I was headed. The value that I see that these products can provide for people is just astronomical and we're gonna get into it on the show of course, but I view life insurance now as something that every single person can benefit off of.

There's so much value to be had from a life insurance policy, whether it's the protection from market loss or the tax advantages or the generational wealth. Anyone can take advantage of a life insurance policy or product and benefit from it. And so I saw that learning about it myself. I could not believe that other people had not heard about indexed universal life insurance and so I immediately went to TikTok thinking ‘if I didn't know about this stuff, I guarantee that other people do not know about these products.’ And what do you know? It only took a few months and I had a viral video, and then I had another viral video and another one, and then I was calling out people for portraying the information incorrectly, or I was being called out because someone didn't like that I was spitting facts.

It's been an amazing ride. It's been an amazing ride, and it's just the beginning. This podcast is gonna be a place where I have more time than three minutes to talk about the IUL to explain things, to go into detail.

On the show we're gonna bring in other people from Power 3 Financial, other insurance professionals, other financial professionals people from TikTok, our clients, our peers, people who want to also spread the information about Index Universal Life Insurance and considering the title of the show, some people that maybe need a lesson on Index Universal life insurance.

The You're An Asset Podcast is going to consist of calling out certain individuals in the insurance industry or in the financial industry that have made themselves into asses, and it's also going to be a place where we bring on assets in the industry and talk about assets. Some topics that we're gonna discuss are the be your own bank concept, whole life versus IUL, the tax-free retirement, why you should not “buy term and invest the rest”, and so much more. We're gonna leave room for world events, for funny segments, for anything that feels important for you to know as a listener, that has to do with your money or the economy. I wanna talk about it, I wanna bring it to you, I wanna bring it to this show, because I do understand that there are not a lot of places out there that you can go for transparent, honest information from somebody who maybe feels just like you. I am just a regular ass person who found out about Index Universal Life Insurance and wanted to share what I learned which is really the whole reason that I'm here today.

We're not here to cancel anybody, we just want to cut through the noise, find the truth, find the facts, and bring as much honest information as we can.

The You're An Asset Podcast is going to air every Wednesday morning.

You can find me on TikTok and Instagram @CaseyTheDollar.

You can find my company @Power3Financial on TikTok and Instagram as well.

You can reach out directly by visiting our website, which is, or feel free to send us an email if you wanna chat, you wanna talk about getting your own policy set up, and work with one of the agents from Power Three.

You can send us an email at

The You're An Asset Podcast is brought to you by Power 3 Financial and CaseyTheDollar


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